Are You Marketing For IT With Dummy Lights?

We have been preaching on our soap box for years about the connection between your IT services offering and marketing.

Normally we have focused on how important it is to have a 2 minute response time with your help desk services.

Now we are raising the alarm about computer firms that might still be marketing for IT with dummy lights on their remote monitoring dashboards?


Monitoring Tools

We take our hats off the early pioneers in the managed services industry like N-Able, Kaseya and Zenith who built the very foundations that made offering a flat monthly fee possible.

Without good RMM tools a computer consultant could never come out ahead with a flat fee because they could lose their shirts when IT problems spike.

Now many of these tools have done their jobs well and are still needed but there is a new evolution in the industry that’s going to be a game changer.

Artificial Intelligence

Even with the best remote management tool you’re still basically getting dummy lights that are telling you where you have already been or what you already know.

Some of these tools can give you a basic head start but many times they still fall short because they can not make huge prediction way ahead of time.

The next phase in this game is an add on to your existing RMM tool that simply plugs in and then can tap into all the Big data that your clients computers systems are spitting out every minute.

This advanced system can analyze all the massive data in a network, most of which a normal RMM tool does not even begin to monitor and make predictions about the possible impact of negative trends.

Impact on Marketing

Just like those early adopters of remote monitoring tools were able to grab huge portions of the market share by showing they were ahead of the technology curve; the same will happen to any MSP’s that adds this ‘artificial intelligence’ to their service line up.

The company that is leading the way with this new technology is Seccuris!

Seccuris can identify and assist you with remediation of technical vulnerabilities before they impact your business

Check this company out if you want to improve your service offering which will ultimately determine your marketing success!