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You Must Get Buy In From Staff To Be Successful!

If you have a cave man’s attitude then you probably feel that just by paying your employees entitles your to 100% of their full loyalty and energy.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth as it’s completely possible for employees to be well paid and utterly lethargic at the same time.

If just paying your employees isn’t enough then how can you get your staff excited and working as a team towards IT lead generation?


Blast from The Past

I can remember being a distributor for security products when a charismatic salesman that worked for one of our vendors was their talking about their company and the new product line.

The cool thing was that he had brought some awesome pizza and tee shirts for us lowly phone sales people.

Instead of just going over everything with the vice president that ran our office he had gotten permission to go over everything with the guys that made the calls talking to the resellers.

He took the time to try and get ‘buy in’ from us, buy showing us how understanding their offering and value could help us make more sales.

The interesting thing is that we carried multiple lines of products that we could sell that was just like his product.

Ultimately he was trying to illicit our brand loyalty so that when ask to sell a security camera or a motion detector we would pick his brand to resell.


A Good Example

Everything he did resonated with me so I became loyal to his brand which was superior and his knowledge gave me ammunition to have when selling to the resellers.

Resellers could buy that brand from any other distributor, but it was the knowledge that I received and was able to share with the resellers that became my Unique Selling Proposition.

In this process I became an evangelist for his products all because he took the time to reach out to me and persuade me instead of expecting us to sell his products just because he had merely managed to get them on our shelves.


The Relevance

If your objective is to light a fire under your managed services sales people or IT lead generation team then don’t expect them to jump through hoops of fire for you just because you have agreed to pay them.

Instead try to treat them with respect and make an attempt to get ‘buy in’ from your employees.

As a result of putting this practice in place you will go from just getting the bare minimum of productivity from your staff to converting them into evangelist that truly believe in your cause.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing.