Will The World Have To Wait For ‘Warm Calling’?

Many times in the past, the World has had to wait to benefit from major technological advancements due to greed, corruption or simply a lack of understanding.

In the case of the FM radio frequency, the established companies of RCA and AT & T both had a vested interest in making sure this technology was never adopted.

Will the computer industry have to wait to benefit from the breakthrough of the ultimate IT marketing mailer?


The Back Story

Edwin Armstrong is the Father of FM radio but never saw any rewards from his amazing discover until after his passing away when his estate finally won some critical court battles over his patents.

As we mentioned in the teaser, it was some of the established companies like RCA and AT& T that were afraid of FM radio because their businesses were built around AM radio that worked to block Armstrong from benefiting from his patents.

The real story behind all this is that for many years a fantastic and amazing frequency with no static was available but the average radio listener was stuck hearing static filled broadcasts on AM radio.

The Relevance

Today cold calling has become established as one of the primary marketing vehicles for managed services providers.

However, while there might be some good cold calling companies the reality is that they are all pushing prospects into sales appointments.

Not only do all cold calling companies have to deal with pushy telemarketing reps but since the environment is so high pressured they all have to face huge turnover in their staff.

This huge turn over translates into instability for the telemarketing companies and I equate all these problems to the static in AM radio!

The Future

Just like FM frequency was the future for radio, our new Ultimate IT marketing solutions is the future for marketing due to the transformation of a cold calling into¬† ‘warm calling’.

With ‘warm calling’ we no longer have to pressure prospect into setting face-to-face meetings because they are usually expecting our call and curious enough to set up a meeting.

Once a computer business actually experiences the vast different between cold calling and warm calling they will never dial into a cold call campaign again!


The question is still on the table as to whether IT providers will have to wait to experience ‘warm calling’ just like the world had to wait to hear an FM broadcast!

Let’s get the word out so that we can end cold calling forever!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers.