To Win At IT Marketing You Have To Raise The Ante!

Poker is primarily a game of chance but also one of strategy where you can win by either bluffing or raising the ante.

When you raise the Ante so far beyond what any other player can match then they will fold and say, “That’s too rich for my blood”.

The question is how can you raise the ante with IT marketing where your competitors also throw in the towel?



Raise the Ante With Your IT Model

One of the areas in your computer business where raising the ante might give you an additional marketing edge over your competitor could be in service model.

This is one of the areas where many computer consultants just seem to ignore as an IT marketing tool.

The basic concept is that when you are going to compete for a company’s business that already has an existing IT provider then you need to make sure you offer far more services than what they currently have in place.

Essentially you have to keep trumping them by adding a faster help desk response time or even a better disaster recovery service with a faster virtualization  restore time etc…

This is where you can raise the ante so far above you competitors that many will lose dramatic market share and other will just throw in the towel.

Raise The Ante In All Marketing Areas

You should be raising the ante in all other areas of actual marketing activities in your overall it services marketing strategy like SEO, Telemarketing, Mailers, PPC, Direct Sales, Print Ads etc…

Take internet marketing as a prime example where you are competing to get your website as highly ranked and step over your competitors on the way.

Here is where you can examine their internet marketing strategy and then double or triple whatever steps they are pursuing if they are writing 3 blogs post a week then you should write 5 or if they have 50 inbound links on relevant sites then you should have 100 and so on and so forth.

Once again the idea we are advocating is very simple you want to raise the bar so high in all facets of your marketing for IT that your can intimidate your competitors and overwhelm your prospects a the same time.



John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.