Should You Take An IT Appointment Setting Campaign Off Life Support?

Imagine that emergency workers are desperately trying to revive an unresponsive person with CPR.

When suddenly you see them pack up their equipment and leave the patient for dead after trying for just a few minutes.

In this situation we know they pulled the plug too soon, but should you ever take an IT appointment setting campaign off life support?


Don’t Be Short Sighted

We all can’t help wanting instant gratification since we come from a culture we can have all most anything immediately without having to wait.

Naturally this view has corrupted many computer consultants that have a very short term view of when they should get results from their IT appointment setting campaigns.

When all the IT leads have been run from a telemarketing campaign then shortly after that the sales time clock starts ticking in the heads of most computer providers.

If they do not get some solid bites that they feel are going to lead into immediate IT sales then they are quick to determine that the cold calling campaign has been a dismal failure.

Set Realistic Goals

The reality is that most companies are very slow to make changes when it comes to their information technology services.

Often they will tolerate a computer technician that is below standards because of this powerful desire to avoid change at almost any cost.

In such hostile sales environments it shouldn’t come as a shock that you should continue to follow up on all leads for at least a solid year from the date you first had an introductory meeting.

You can expect to close some new customers within a window from 3 months to 1 year and sometimes even beyond that.

Never Give Up

It has been said that you should continue following up on all prospects until either they go out of business or become a customer.

If you keep following up on your prospects then you are helping them become more familiar with you personally and your company.

This process over time can ultimately coincide and intersect with the degrading service by their existing computer support firm.

You just never know when this is going to happen so it’s best to try and keep reminding them that your still out there, so that when this does happen you will be top of mind.


The bottom line is that just like when your trying to save a loved one, you will never take them off life support or stop trying CPR.  This is the exact same view that you should have of all the IT leads that you get from your marketing efforts.

Keep following up forever!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VARs to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales!