Prospect Says, “I Was Waiting For Your Call”!

Since we have started using our Ultimate IT services marketing system, prospects have been responding with some unbelievable statements.

Of course the majority are saying things like, “That’s the greatest marketing piece I have ever seen in my life.”

However, small portions are saying something that should be music to the ears of computer consultants.



This Is Not Your Average Direct Mail

When we tell computer business owners that we have a top secret weapon to get more appointments 10 times faster and then say that it’s a powerful mailer, many are simply not impressed.

This is because you have to send out hundreds if not thousands of mailers to even get 1 or 2 interested prospects.

Most everyone that receives an unsolicited mail out automatically throws them away, so a doubting Thomas wonders how a direct mail piece could be the secret sauce.

The Response

You can tell that this is not a normal mail out because we are only sending it to under 100 it sales leads and getting from 8 to 12 appointments in less than 3 days or 1 week.

In fact a good percentage of the people that receive our IT marketing mailer tell us that we have their full attention because they were impressed with the package we sent.

As a result of this positive reaction we no longer need to ‘push’ or aggressively try to persuade prospects to set face-to-face meetings.

The Best Part

To our utter surprised we have been consistently getting one or two prospects to tell us something that should be music to your ears!

On top of being astounding by our IT services marketing package, one or two of these prospects are telling us that they were just waiting by the phone in expectation of our call because they were, “Not happy with their current computer support provider!”

This is one of the primary reasons why cold calling has not been effective for IT support providers because they can’t sell suspects that are happy with what they have and who are only willing to listen to what you have to offer.

If the average technology provider can get at least one or two prospects that actually have a NEED then they should always get an ROI from our IT appointment setting service.



John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing.