Location Is Key To Successful Marketing!

We have all heard that location is critical in the real estate market and when starting a brick and mortar business.

However, I have never placed much value on location when it came to IT marketing with SEO or trades shows.

Recently my eyes were opened when I discovered the vast disparity in sales leads that vendors got at a recent trade show.


Location Matters at Trade Shows

When the smoke had cleared and all the attendees in the vendor area had left we started to review the sales leads we had gotten.

After counting our cards and the prospects we had clicked I wanted to walk around and see how many leads the other vendors had gotten to compare notes.

As some of the other vendors shared their lead count with me it became clear that as you moved further away from the main entry area the number of leads that each vendor garnered drop dramatically.

This is when I realized that location matters in almost every human endeavor including marketing.

Locations Definitely Matters with SEO

Of course it won’t come as a big surprise that location matters with search engine optimization; because everyone knows you want to be as close to the top search ranking as possible.

However, I have always assumed that as long as you were on the first page of search results that everyone on the list of results got about the same amount of traffic.

My recent experience with the trade show location tells me that the reality is there is a dramatic drop in traffic from the first search result to the second and so on and so forth.

This is why being at the first spot in the search results can have a huge impact on your website traffic and will ultimately determine how many IT sales leads you will receive.

Can You Change Your Location Destiny?

So is your marketing destiny sealed if you’ve gotten stuck in a bad location at either a trade show or search result ranking?

The reality is that the quality of the content you have to offer can help you capture better quality leads, even when your not in the best possible location.

Even though we were stuck in the worst possible row at the trade show we were still able to get more IT leads than everyone else and even competed with those that were in the next best row.

The bottom line is that you should try to do the very best with your current location and then at the same time try to do your best to improve your location in the future!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers and var marketing.