Don’t Forget Prospects Are Really Of Two Minds!

Executives often set out a coarse of action and fail only to find that they were actually working against themselves.

This can happen because even though we have one mind it’s comprised of two halves that can lead us to two different directions.

How can understanding that prospects have a proverbial devil and angel on their shoulders impact It sales leads?


The Facts

You may doubt that it’s possible for people to actually work against their own goals and objectives but I can assure you this is the reality.

I personally discovered this when I was ‘trying’ to quit smoking over and over again with no success.

However, I knew it was possible because many of my friends were able to quit using things like Arizer Extreme Q vaporizer.

After reading, Think and Grow Rich I realized I had to meditate deeply to see if I really ‘believed’ if I could quit smoking.

This is when I realized that I didn’t have any ounce of belief that I could ever quit smoking in a million years.

Of course, trying to do something that you don’t even believe in is at the heart of what I call having two minds about something.

More Evidence

I can report that I have even seen computer business owners sign up with a telemarketing campaign when they didn’t believe that cold calling could ever generate an ROI.

As a result of this lack of belief I have personal witnessed computer consultants sabotage their own marketing campaigns.

I am sure that if you really give some thought to this line of reasoning that you might now see that some of the bizarre actions you’ve witnessed in the past can now be described from the perspective of being your own worst enemy.

The Relevance

Once you embrace this theory about the dual nature of prospects, it can provide a boon to your IT marketing.

The key to applying this to selling or IT appointment setting is that you need to address both voices in someone heads to effectively persuade them to take a different course of action.

Generally there is a voice in a prospect’s head that is saying, “I don’t want to change!” while there might be another voice questioning if there is enough excitement or curiosity to warrant their interest.

The Technique

To be successful you need to verbally tie up and gag the voice that doesn’t want to change by assuring prospects that you both understand they don’t want to change and that the reality is that they probably won’t change.

In the very same breath as you have assured them they won’t change you then should say the exact opposite by creating an excitement factor about all the cool new services that your company offers and guarantee them that it won’t be a waste of time to meet.

I call this technique speaking with a double tongue so you can address the devil and angel in every one!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of IT providers.