Does Trade Show Marketing Work?

istock_000015648801xsmall1This seems like the riddle of the ages but I find that many MSP vendors and managed services providers fall into two camps.

There are those that deeply believe in trade show marketing and the rest are just doubting Toms.

Just about every type of marketing technique works, the question is how?

How Do we Know It Works?

I can tell you that I have been emailing our newsletter to several list of contacts that we got from different trade shows like MSP University for last few years.

When I come into the office a few weeks ago I say a website form from one of the MSP’s I meet at a Trade show in Orange County almost three years ago.

The most exciting part was that he had been reading our post for all that time and had finally become convinced to try our IT marketing services.

Why So Many Doubters?

One of the primary reasons that so many companies distrust marketing with trade shows is because it’s extremely difficult to track where It sales leads originated from in the first place.

The reality is that prospects often bounce around in the ‘sales funnel’ for some time like aging wine until the one event becomes the tipping point.

The problem is that often it is the tipping point that is recorded as to the place where the lead was discovered.  Instead of asking a lead to tell you where they found out about your services you might consider asking them to list all the different ways they heard about your company.

If this course was faithfully followed then you might start seeing some of the marketing attempts that you had believed failed showing up on this list…. Please list all the ways you heard about our services!

Stop Thinking One Dimensionally

All to often businesses are looking at the return from a marketing event immediately and then dumping that marketing technique off the cliff!

However, perhaps it’s time to start allowing these types of services enough room to build momentum and then deliver a truly astounding return!

john-black-photoJohn Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 12 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers.