American MSP Marketing Has Defeated Cheap Offshore Call Centers!

istock_000000475670xsmallFor years computer business owners have been turning to overseas call centers for their telemarketing.

The ability to leverage a virtual army of cold callers at pennies on the dollar has been the primary justification.

However, a MSP marketing service has discovered how to leverage good old fashion American ingenuity to increase the productivity of onshore agents a 110%!

Prevailing Wisdom

It’s obvious that hiring American outbound calling agents is going to be a more expensive option right out of the starting gate.Many conclude that since it’s far cheaper to hire an army of cold callers offshore that this option must make perfect business sense.

Of course, the implied proposition is that you’re going to get 10 times the productivity for pennies of the dollar for what you might have paid with an American campaign.However, what if this was no longer true and the paradigm had shifted back in favor of vastly higher productivity coming from the onshore telemarketing agents?

The Innovation

The new innovation that can turn this paradigm on its head is based on the ability to leverage an innovative strategy for direct mailing your prospects before following up with a courtesy call.Now you might say that this has already been done before and can be accomplished using an offshore team with vastly less resources.

However, we are talking about a new radical new concept for a direct mail piece that can deliver unprecedented results! This new strategy is based on changing how the package is sent, what the copy of the letter says, the quantity and cost of the mail out piece along with the method for following up.

The Productivity

Essentially you can get 110% more efficiently by using an American agent to follow up on this amazing mail-out concept.With this new strategy, one single little onshore agent can deliver the same productivity that you might get from 100 offshore agents combined, but dramatically cheaper! Specifically we are talking about one agent being able to literally polish off an entire IT marketing campaign in as little as 2 days!

john-black-photoJohn Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers.