Secret IT Marketing Systems Do Exist!

istock_000015227768xsmallWhen we were children our imaginations were alive and we did believe in fairy tales, magic, monsters and that any thing was possible. However as we get older many of us lose our belief and become jaded about most things that claim to be extraordinary.

This doubt applies to anyone that claims there is a secret shot cut to accomplish any business success like real estate or IT marketing.

Even though there are tons of hucksters that prey on us, the truth is that short cuts do exist. Here is a secret marketing technique I discovered while trying to buy a used BMW.

Sssshhh, Don’t Tell Anyone!

I was window shopping for a used BMW on the local dealers lot one Saturday afternoon when the store was closed. This was a good time to look around and avoid all the salespeople and the high pressure that always accompanies them.

As I looked at all the different models one thing jumped out at me that seemed a bit strange as all the cars had the same business card tucked under the windshield wipers. Of course, I instinctively grabbed one of those business cards when I had decided on the car that I wanted to test drive when the dealer opened the next day.

When I walked into the sales lot on the following day, I naturally asked for the sales person by name that had left his card on all the windshields. When he approached I wanted to compliment him on his interesting marketing technique that garnered my business. However, when I started to explain how I had found his card on the windshield then he said, “Ssssshhhh, don’t tell anyone!

Now The Rest of The Story…

Once we got outside he explained that none of the other salespeople knew about how he was leaving his business cards on the windshields of the used cars. He informed me that he always arrives early to remove all the leftover cards from the windshields so that no one would realize his secret technique.

Then he let me know that he was making a lot of money from all the people that window shop on the weekends and come in on Monday, like me, and ask for him by name.

The Analysis

It was abundantly clear from my conversation with this car salesman that he had observed buyers behaviors and this is the way he came up with his secret marketing technique. Understanding how people behave in marketing situations is key when trying to discover easier methods to attract prospects.

Of course, this process is what innovators have always relied upon; because the reality is that short cuts are discovered everyday and this is in fact what has propelled our society to technological advancement!

This is the same thing we have done with our amazing ‘sticky’ mail out that is getting phenomenal results… there is no reason to doubt any longer. If you want to experience the result that come with our IT marketing short cut then there is no time to waste because of the sales cycle you will need to get started now if you want to be toasting new sales in January 2013!

Don’t wait, execute!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.