How Can You Hit The Marketing Sweet Spot!


istock_000020177570xsmall1I first heard about hitting the sweet spot when I was learning how to play tennis.

I was told by my coach that when you hit the ball in the sweet spot you will use far less energy and get a greater return in terms of how far the ball will travel.

How can computer consultants hit their IT marketing in the sweet spot?

You Have Know The Difference

When you hit a tennis ball with the wrong area of the tennis racquet then you can instantly feel the difference as it will have a lot of resistance, sometimes the racquet will even shake.

Of course, you would have to have felt hitting the racquet hit the sweet spot before to really know the difference; but until then you can use some clues:

  • How efficient are the results from your marketing efforts?
  • Are you getting far more results than the effort or resources you’re putting into your marketing campaigns?
  • Look at the average from all your campaigns not just at the one or two lucky sales you made, because when your hitting the sweet spot you will hit it out of the park every time!

Think Out Side of The Box

If you’re looking at your past ventures in the sales and marketing arena and have concluded that you’re not even close to hitting your sweet spot then take heart.

Past entrepreneurs have struggled with trying to squeeze the full potential out of production like John D. Rockefeller and come away successfully by constantly looking for new ideas.

When the rails were trying to squeeze Rockefeller to pay exorbitant prices to ship his oil he was defiant and convinced he could find some other way to transport is oil.

One day Rockefeller was in one of his refinery and realized that his oil moved through pipes all over the factory up until the point where it was placed in barrels to be shipped.  This is the exact moment that Rockefeller hit his sweet spot by coming up with the grand idea of transporting his oil completely over a pipeline instead of using the rails all together!


In sum you have to first realize that your not hitting your sweet spot and then remain vigilant in your effort to research new ideas and ways to illicit better results from your marketing campaigns. Your goal should be to realize far greater returns than the effort you’re putting into telemarketing or any other type of sales efforts.



John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 12 years experience marketing for IT services providers to help this make more IT sales.