Get Ready, We are Rolling Out Blitzkrieg Marketing!

istock_000004869626xsmall1In one of the first invasions of WWII the Germans rolled out a new type of warfare called blitzkrieg war.

This new method called for concentrating overwhelming force at high speeds to break the enemy lines and then keep them off-balance with the break neck speed of the advancing front line.

This ‘lighting war’ concept seemed like the best metaphor to describe the uncanny results we are getting with our new ultimate IT marketing system.

Attack From The Air

Our aerial attack is comprised of sending our top secret direct mail piece through the mail system which is literally sent through the air at some point in it’s journey to our target prospect.  This is a major part of our strategy to marshal an overwhelming force by employing this ‘air’ superiority and combining it with the ‘ground troops’ onslaught..

Just like a real carpet bombing attack from the skies will devastate your enemies defenses; so to our secret mailer is design to soften our prospects will and make them vulnerable to an overwhelming attack by land.

Attack By Land

We conduct an outbound calling campaign which targets all the contact that have already been soften by the aerial attack!  Of course, we call it a ‘land’ attack because the majority of the calls go over ‘land’ lines at some point in their path to the end users.

We deploy our well trained veterans in this campaign to blitzkrieg the enemies forward positions by calling until we make successful contact with every one on the mail out list. They are able to build on the momentum that was generated by the direct mail drop and throw the prospects off balance by advancing their forward position so fast they are not able to regroup in time.

The pitch is literal, so short and sweet that it overwhelms the prospect’s defensive until they have voluntarily agreed to throw down their weapons and set up a face-to-face meeting.


The key to making this blitzkrieg marketing strategy work, is that we target a small number of prospects to attack. We marshal all these forces together and focus them on the front line, as it were, so that we can effectively overtake the enemies position with lighting speed.

The Results

In the first campaign where we finally sized the direct mail drop to the precise proportions and timed the deliver for the most optimum time, we were able to exceed our wildest expectations. Once the mailer had dropped and was given enough time to allow for each recipient to open and read the contents then we begun contacting the prospect by phone to  make a warm introduction.

In a matter of just 2 days we had successfully set all the appointments that we were contracted to deliver.  In addition, our IT sales lead team was able to get two more auxiliary appointments that would act as backup meetings in case one or two of the original meetings canceled.

This is what I really consider to be blitzkrieg IT marketing since we combined all these forces and achieved lighting fast results that left our clients stupefied!


john-black-photo John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing on behalf of managed services providers.