Can You Pretend To Have IT Bandwidth And Fool Executives?

istock_000020008559xsmall1When we were kids I am sure we all did some pretending, perhaps we pretended to be a superhero or even a princess.

However, what I find interesting is that some of us in the business world have never stopped playing pretend.

In fact I once heard of a company in Dallas hiring ’employees’ just for one day so they would look bigger for a prospective client visiting their office.

The questions is does pretending to have a bigger bandwidth work in IT  services marketing situations?

The Quandary?

In a recent article I suggested that actually having a larger bandwidth of network engineers and showing them off in the sales process just might be the missing IT marketing link.  However, this will take a massive amount of resources to pull off and for the average managed services provider that might be mission impossible.

Naturally the idea of achieving this massive show of force to prospective clients without actually having to commit the money to hiring several more IT engineers was raised.

I was asked if you could take other people along in the IT sales meetings and get the same results.  In other words could you bring along administrators or salespeople to ‘pretend’ to be technical workers?

This Is Not My First Rodeo

I think that the fact that the people that computer business owners often have to meet with to sell managed services are in fact seasoned business managers themselves.  Often you will meet with Chief Financial Officers or even the CEO in your initial sales meeting or at least somewhere in the marketing process.

When it comes to having a sixth sense or radar for seeing through flim flam, these people have been there and done that and they got the T-shirt.  In most cases they will see right through any attempts to pretend that you have more engineers in your company.  After all it’s just too easy for them to do nothing and stay exactly where they are with their current technology situation.

Of course, this means that when there is even a hint of doubt that your offer might not have a solid and  far superior bandwidth then they will just stop returning you phone calls.

Show And Don’t Tell

Finally take my sage advice and stop trying to play games when it comes to pretending to have a larger networking staff to garner new customers.  Just role up your sleeves and do the hard work of finding investors so that you can have the funding to really hire a larger staff and then get ready to show them off with an amazing IT lead generation program.

Or if you happen to be a MSP that already has a larger staff and has an amazing bandwidth to show off then let’s talk about getting you in-front of more IT prospect so you can rapidly grow in 2013!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.