Attitude Is Everything When Selling Managed Services!

Sophisticated mature business manThere are tons of articles written with sage advice that are preferred daily by MSP Guru’s  discussing the sales tactics that managed services providers should employ in their marketing.

However, there is an underlying factor that if overlooked, could in fact undermine all the good intentions of the world.  This is the attitude of the IT professional.

Are we advocating for every MSP to become a super outgoing cheerleader that’s positive all the time? the answer is no.

However, we do recommend that one particular character trait should be avoided like the plague…

The Origin Of The Problem

The trait that we are advocating computer consultants to avoid is one that is inherited in the relationship that exist between IT people and their clients.  This is the way in which trust is established over time to the point that most business people start taking the advice of their computer professional as the Gospel.

Of course, over time the IT guy will learn the system of their clients so well that the clients themselves begin to fear that if they ever switched it would take a miracle for some new computer guy to learn their system.

This situation almost always becomes an elixir that can intoxicate any network professional who succumbs to this character trait which can poison their true marketing potential in the future.

The Poisonous Trait

If you have been following our logic then you might have already guessed that we are describing the one character flaw that many have observed in tech professionals and that trait would be arrogance. As we have laid out thus far this is an attitude that a successful computer consultant would find very hard not to exhibit.

The good news is that not all are infected with this negative characteristic and the ones that have a more humble attitude are going to fair a much better chance of succeeding. They will be able to grow their business beyond the few clients most MSP are able to catch in their spider web and be able to steal more clients away from the more arrogant technology providers.

Of course, to do that they will have to have the right IT lead generation partner in place!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.