Attempts To Gurantee Sales Will Destroy Success!

istock_000002865091xsmallThere’s one powerful motive that many IT service providers share in common and that is the desire to guarantee they will successfully get ROI from their marketing campaigns.

When I considered other attempts to guarantee success the Bolshevik Revolution’s attempt to establish Communism in Russia comes to mind.

We all know what happened to the initiative of the Russian people under Communism but can the same phenomenon happen with a marketing campaign?

Skin In The Game

I have no idea where this phrase came from but it has been used as a ploy to convince salespeople to work for free so the computer consultant can have a chance to make sales with no upfront cost. All the salesman ends up with are empty promises of a Big payoff someday over the rainbow. Of course, the implied guarantee for the IT provider is that they will have no out-of-pocket expense if no sales are generated from the Free marketing campaign.

The reality of this situation is, when put under the microscope, the sales person has all the skin in the game and the computer consultant is not taking any risks.

I have literally witnessed technology guys undergo a metamorphoses when they suddenly get a free lead in their hot little hands.  Normally when they have money ridding on the opportunity they are far more diligent about making sure they show up for every single sales appointment. However, when the sales leads are free they are far more cavalier about even keeping the meeting.

Slap On A Guarantee

Now we can just throw all the other attempts to guarantee success with IT marketing under one label which would be called, slapping on a guarantee.  This is something we actually thought we could deliver a few years ago but this is when I realized I must have bumped my head because that was completely impossible to do.

Once you slap on a guarantee you automatically destroy any chance of the IT guy taking any responsibility for the It sales leads you give them.  The problem is that it takes work on the part of the salesperson to actually reel in a sale from a lead generation program.

The reality is that most of the work rest on the shoulders of the IT company and their sales representative have to do all the heavy lifting to convert warm leads into new customers.  They need to have all of the following in place:

  • A good attitude about the sales leads
  • Be prepared with an awesome marketing presentation
  • Build rapport with the prospect
  • Make solid points that stick in the contacts mind
  • Generate an amazing  proposal
  • Persistently following up…

All of these things are incumbent upon the computer company to insure they diligently take care of in the sales process.  However, the ironic fact is that once you slap on a guarantee you instantly deflate any chance of any of these things ever happening.


In conclusion, we can see that it’s common sense that when you try to guarantee anything that takes effort on the part of someone else that you are actually insuring that the work will never be exerted in a million years!  After all this attitude dictates that since the final results are already guaranteed that their is no reason to lift a finger to help them come into fruition.

Furthermore it doesn’t matter a whit whether this is happening in a Communist system or just in an MSP’s attempt to get a guaranteed ROI from marketing.

Instead of trying to secure some sort of  guarantee let’s consider the words of Tommy Boy, “If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I can, I have spare time but… instead why not buy a qualify product from me!”


john-black-photo John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT services providers to help them get more IT sales.