It’s Alive, I Now Have The Perfect MSP Marketing System!

mad-scientist-300x2951I have been trying for 12 years to develop the perfect lead generation system to help IT guys grow their business.  Over the years we have had some limited success but nothing has been sustainable.  However, when we invested in our own MSP we were faced with the same challenges as our clients.

Now with the 12 years of marketing experience at my back and the pressure of needing 30 appointments a month weighing on me, I finally stuck my neck out and tried something new.

This is how we perfected the ultimate secret IT services marketing formula that can now deliver far more appointments with less effort in a shorter time frame!

Why Is A Better Method Needed?

The most important reason that a newer approach to getting IT sales leads is required is because just straight cold calling alone has become less effective as decision makers are increasingly more difficult to reach.  However, even in the past telemarketing has always been extremely difficult to implement because it requires recruiting employees for an extremely undesirable position.  Generally the wages offered are low and the job skills needed are very complex.

Yet even with the best HR department and recruiting practices, telemarketing is and always will be and high turn over operation.  This means that the appointment setting process is volatile in nature and therefore can never deliver consistent results.  As a result it can take several months to get all your leads delivered, even under the best conditions.

Timing Is Everything

This creates the simple mathematical problem with achieving astounding sales revenues…  If you can only close an average of 1 or 2 sales out of 10 appointments and those appointments take up to 3 months then the ceiling on your growth is limited to at the most 4 or 6 sales a year.  The simple facts bear out that the average computer business needs to get far more marketing appointments like something in the neighborhood of 30 qualified sales leads a month.

Pay Dirt!

The only way under high heaven to increase contacts is to send out a mailer in advance of the telemarketing campaign.  However, that might not seem like a very inspired idea as most managed services providers have literally sent out enough post cards and letters to cover their territories in paper, with no success!  Yet sending a mail out can work if you correct the issues that have caused them to be ineffective:

  • Make sure the target contact receives the mail out
  • Insure the prospect will open and read the message
  • Write the copy so that it’s ‘sticky’, unexpected and memorable

A lightning blot from the blue hit me when I was marketing for our IT company with an idea that went against my every instinct.  Yet it was the fact that it seemed to be a ridiculous concept that nobody in their right mind would ever consider trying that made me think it might actually have a chance of working.  The case were this idea seemed like the right place to start was with a prospect that would not take or return my calls and even told the receptionist never to bother him with any one that walked in to their business that didn’t have an appointment.

The Results Are In

It was literally one hour after I sent him this ‘sticky’ message that I received a call back that lead to a brief conversation where he suddenly became agreeable to setting an appointment to discuss IT services.  I can also report that we have had telemarketing prospects say, “What an ingenious marketing technique!” and “Now you have my full Attention”.  The bottom line is that this concept is a game changer that can allow computer consultant too actually control their marketing destiny!

The best news that we have received from this new hybrid approach is that we are now finding more suspects that have ‘pain’ and are in ‘need’, which seems to be exactly what every MSP is looking for.  Just last week we followed up on a contact that received our mail out and we’re told that their IT guy was moving and they also hadn’t been happy with him either.  The contact indicated that they were about to begin searching for another computer consultant to take care of all their computer support needs.  Of course they were agreeable to allowing the company that we represented make a full IT marketing presentation!

If you don’t want to waste 12 years of precious time trying to figure out this concept yourself then why not just consider implementing our program to work for you immediately getting stupendous results?


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.