Is There A Time Bomb Lurking In Your New MSP Account?

time bombYou have tinkered around with your IT marketing processes long enough until you finally tweaked it just right and are churning out sales leads!  Next you diligently followed up on all interest and persevered until you landed a Whale of a client, that had pain and was in dire need.  Now your excited and popping champagne bottles celebrating your brilliant marketing success.

However, before you get too excited counting your proverbial managed services chickens before they hatch, could there possibly be a time bomb waiting for you?  Could there be a monkey wrench jammed in the IT systems, just waiting to gum up the hardware and software?  If that happened it could spell doom for your long term success with the account; but what might cause this to happen and how can you avoid this failure?

IT Sabotage

The one thing you might be overlooking is that this juicy new account that used to belong to another computer business.  It might be just a hunch but there is a chance they’re not too happy about losing the account and the revenue it meant for their business.  If there is an enraged old IT guy in the very recent past of this account, then the ticking time bomb that might be lurking for you is that of sabotage.  They might have left a little surprise waiting for you, when you least expect it, that can throw the servers out of whack or worse shut down the email.

How could the old tech possibly benefit from making your business look bad?  Keep in mind that most companies are literally chained to their existing tech support out of fear of the unknown.  The transition they have undertaken with your computer support offering is on very shaky grounds when the relationship is first developing.  If there are any major mishaps in the first 90 days then this is all it might take to literally send them running back into the arms of the old technology provider.

Keep your eyes peeled

The burning question is how can you avoid this train wreck before it ever has a chance to take off and sink your companies growth?  The first step is just being forewarned about the danger, this alone could cause you to be more cautious about your account acquisitions and on-boarding process for new msp customers.  However, it’s critical that you take ownership of all the elements in the client’s network such as spam filters, fire walls, routers etc…   Make sure you have removed any access that the old provider had because if you allow them any access into your new client then it could give them the opportunity for sabotage.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.