We’re Ready To Walk A Mile In MSP’s Shoes!

istock_000016114730xsmall1It’s often said that you can’t judge someone until you first walk a mile in their shoes.

However, I have been standing on my soap box for quite some time judging managed services providers regarding their IT marketing skills and have yet to step into their shoes.

I have sought to rectify this oversight  by starting a computer support company from scratch in San Antonio.  My goal is to walk through all the issues facing a start-up IT firm, using the techniques I have been advocating.

Your Model Drives Marketing

The first issue that we have been evangelizing about is the importance of having an innovative model that drives interest in your IT services.  So we have signed up for all the vendors we have been advocating like Virtual Administrator, Axcient and Equus...

We will be reporting back on some of our success and failures marketing this start up IT Firm, with the vendors in our starting line up.  I can tell you that we already have gotten some positive feed back, from some of the prospects we have meet, after explaining all the benefits of having 24/7 help desk with a super fast response time.

In addition, state-of-the-art data backup and disaster recovery solutions seem to be the top priority of almost every business we have pitched thus far.  Having both onsite virtualzation and off-site cloud fail over seems to be key interest of this companies concerned about true business continuation.

This is one of the computer services that the average computer repair company would rather put a gun to their head than ever outsource!

Telemarketing Is the Best Tool

Of course we have implemented  IT telemarketing as our main source for generating sales leads!  I can report that we have run over 30 appointments in the last two months, all setup by MSP Telemarketing.

We are also using the sales techniques that go along with the model that we have laid out for other technology providers over the years.

In the end, we will be able to see if everything we have advised to use really works when the right conditions are in place…  The key ingredient is that we actually believe in the concepts and will work with the correct follow through, instead of unconsciously tying to sabotage our own efforts before they ever get off the ground!

Finally, I will be reporting on some of the things we learn in the process and what we can confirm really works for selling managed services.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.