MSP Pioneers Get The Arrows!

istock_000003642329xsmallIf you’re starting up a new computer business and marketing to businesses then in many ways your situation parallels that of the early Pioneers.

While the promise of becoming rich from reoccurring revenue in the IT industry is plastered all over the internet, it’s important to be warned of the dangers you may face from savage Indians and a barren land.

The truth is that MSP Pioneers get the Arrows, read this and be prepared!



Look Before You Leap

Many of the early pioneers who rushed to move to the west on the promise of easy riches lost their determination when they came face-to-face with the cold hard reality of frontier life.  Lots of managed services providers make the same mistake because they really havn’t been informed of the difficulties that lie ahead in the early phases of starting their IT business.

The first  issue that pioneers often weren’t prepared for was not bringing enough provisions to last the entire trip.  In other words  many of them would stave or become ill before they reached their destination.  Most start-up managed services providers are aware of the long sales cycle involved with technology sales.

However, they might not be prepared for the painful fact that the average sales cycle can often double or triple if they are a brand new business with no references.  This is because the average company is not willing to gamble  their IT support with a brand new business.

As a direct result of not anticipating the excruciating long sales cycle many computer consultants simply run out of capital before they ever sign up their first couple of clients.

Watch Out For The Indians

The second biggest obstacle that pioneers who where trying to settle the land faced was the fact that the land was already settled by the Indians.   The Indians didn’t look to kindly upon the pioneers moving in on their turf and they were willing to shoot those covered wagons full of Arrows.

Of course computer companies face the exact same challenge with their IT marketing because they are trying to move in on businesses that are already supported by someone else!  Don’t be surprised if these people are willing to fight to keep their job or client.  Often they will resort to anything in a last ditch effort to keep their customers and some of the tactics can feel like real Arrows whizzing by your head!

We are in no way trying to discourage other entrepreneurs from jumping into the fray and starting their IT services marketing.  On the contrary we just want to make sure that you count the cost and are prepared for the long journey.  So please heed this advice and make sure that you have enough capital and are prepared for WAR!

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.