Go Vertical Young Man, Go Vertical!

istock_000016817188xsmall1When Horace Greeley coined the phrase, “Go West Young Man” , it was because the ‘West’ was full of amazing opportunities that would allow a young man to build a new life for himself.

I have coined the phrase, “Go Vertical Young Man” because similar vast opportunities are open to the computer consultant that realizes the power of building a vertical IT marketing campaign.

Now at first glance the computer repair market doesn’t seem to be wide open and rife with opportunity; but rather closed off and unfriendly to any new start up companies…

However, building a vertical market can change the odds in your favor and create a cornucopia of possibilities today just like the ones that existed way back in the old west!  How can that be?

The truth is the attitude among business owners towards switching computer support providers is nearly a frozen wasteland!  Most would rather put a gun to their head than even think about making any changes to IT.

In reality even when broad minded executives agree to be open minded and do an apples-to-apples comparison they nearly always end up sticking with their old provider in the end.  The reason is because their old provider ‘knows’ their system…

Vertical References Are Crucial

However there is a ray of hope because recently I was in a meeting with a very friendly office manager of a large Law Firm that was more than willing to consider our managed services proposal, even though we are a start up computer business.  However, she was laying out prospect and preparing us for a rather long sales cycle before they would actually think about switching.

During the meeting she overhead us mention that we were marketing to a few other Law firms but she must have misheard and thought we said that we WORKED with several other law firms.

The reason I say that is because she nearly jumped out of her chair and had an amazing smile that lit up her face… Her facial expression and body language seemed to indicate that we could drop the long sales cycle and she was ready to switch RIGHT NOW!  Of course her posture changed when she realized we were just talking about prospects….

The Good News

Even though we didn’t have the vertical references that would have sped up the cycle to point where we could have nearly signed up this prospect on the third visit the take away is that we know what the benefit would have been.

Now our focus is on getting as many vertical clients so that we can melt the ice on the cold shoulder businesses will give us for trying to get them to switch through our IT services marketing.  When you take a second look at the market through the lens of vertical marketing you can suddenly start seeing more rosy prospects!

Go Vertical

If you’re are a technology provider that hasn’t started developing your own vertical marketing strategy the all we have to stay is you get started ASAP!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.