Finally Proof That a 24/7 Help Desk Matters!

istock_000016182410xsmall2Most computer repair companies view the technology vendors that provide help desk solutions as anathema.

They are hated even though theses companies could boost their response time dramatically and allow them to add the 24/7  label to their IT marketing collateral.

We are told that prospects simply don’t get excited about having an insanely faster response time!  However, we finally might have some proof to disprove this alibi!

“Bah, Humbug!”

Imagine being a fly on the wall in a room where a computer business owner is telling one of their customers they no longer need to enter  trouble tickets [and wait] because they can now call an 800 # and get a technician in just a couple of minutes.  Then can you envision hearing this hypothetical customer get upset and say that they would much rather continue waiting for support that’s slow as molasses?

Hardly, this tall tale really strains credulity and yet this is the fish story we are asked to swallow down!  Of course, this logic is difficult to refute since we haven’t talked to their prospect, but do we just have to take them at their word?

Report From the Field

I was recently meeting with the Vice President and Controller of a company with a 60 users network, where I was pitching our managed services plan in comparison with the one they had in place.  The Controller happened to also be the IT liaison with the current managed services vendor and she spent most of the meeting defending the established networking firm.

On the other hand the Vice President was the very picture of stoic as he never showed any facile expression or gesture to indicant any agreement.  In spite of what seemed like a hostile sales environment I trudged ahead with the presentation delicately attacking the weakness of having the IT liaison acting as a buffer on help desk support request.

I used our 24/7 help desk with a 120 second response as a weapon to show how we can save the lost productivity of the controller by eliminating the IT liaison aspect of her job.  Of course, I assumed my passionate presentation had fallen on deaf ears.  At the time I was thinking that perhaps companies are truly unimpressed with faster support!

Here Comes A Big Surprise

The good news that came at the end of the meeting.  Our ball park was indeed lower than what they were currently paying thier computer services provider.  Yet once again, the controller weighed in to put her spin on the lower cost to help make the current IT firm look better.

As the meeting came to a close, I still tried to pitch the idea of letting our frim do a network assessment.  To my utter surprise the one gesture that the Vice President made during the entire pitch was to give me a nod to doing a network assessment!

Then the Vice President informed me that we could arrange the assessment with the Controller, since she was the person in the company that knew most about their computer system.  Just as I was starting to believe we might actually have our foot in the door the wind suddenly gets knocked out of my sails!

As we packed up our equipment to leave, the Vice President makes an unexpected move and personally escorts us out to the lobby.  Once we are out for listening range from the rest of the staff the Vice President suddenly has a very candid expression come upon his face as he says, “Don’t bother following up with the Controller as she is in the tank for the current IT provider!”

Next he reveals that both he and the President are not happy with the current vendor for many reasons and that we should follow up with him directly to arrange the network assessment!  I struggle to control my excitement as I think about what to say next, but it’s clear that he still has a lot more on his mind.

He then admits that all the information we provided about the 24/7 help desk and the 120 second response time did resonant with him.  He goes on to explain that the controller is literally behind in all her paperwork because of her IT liaison duties and that he and the President don’t want her to have anything to do with IT anymore!  This was the first time I had one of our sales leads telling us about their opportunity cost!

The Proof Is Finally In

While he was still coming clean and letting me know exactly how they felt I could see that this story was going to have a much bigger impact!  The reason is because I now had it straight from the horses mouth that in fact businesses do care deeply about the larger advantages of 24/7 Help Desk!  The bottom line is that 24/7 Help Desk does matter and you will be able to dramatically increase sales by adding a valuable service like Virtual Administrator to your marketing arsenal!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.