You Have To Kiss A Lot Of Frogs To Find A Prince With Telemarketing!

istock_000016333190xsmallWhen I first heard the expression that you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, I was a little taken aback.

It was interesting to hear how a civilian thought that tying to find a sale from cold calling was extremely difficult.  However when I took a minute and really thought about that phase then it started to make sense.

Years later I am now starting to wonder if every computer business owner has come to the same realization that you can’t find a prince at every single IT marketing appointment.

Is Cold Calling Is Dead?

The person that made the statement that you had to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince with telemarketing was expressing shock that this was the primary form of marketing our company focused on.

His view was normal as he had ruled out the idea that telemarketing could be a viable method for successfully finding clients because you have to call everybody in town to find a few good prospects.  This is because there is no way to narrow or refine your calling list based on ‘interest’.

The truth is that you do have to make a lot of calls to ‘frogs’ that hang up on you or who dribble on about why they are not interested.  Often contacts that express interest and sound like a ‘prince’ end up being as stubborn as a bull frog by refusing to set a face-to-face appointment.

Telemarketing Does Work But It’s No Cake Walk

Of course lots of computer business owners still believe that  telemarketing is dead for these same reason but I can tell you that the person who made that statement changed his view shortly after he heard us making a few calls and hired our company!

Despite all the obstacles telemarketing can be a very effective IT marketing strategy if you have extremely charming, persistent and persuasive people dialing for dollars on your behalf.

The reason many people believe cold calling is deal or that you can’t find a prince is because these types of people are in short supply.  The truth is that is hard to find high qualify telemarketing talent that are true professionals and this is the reason most cold calling campaigns fail.

You Have To Set Realistic Expectations

Of course there are two side to every coin and there are some computer consultants that believe it services marketing should turn up a prince on every single appointment.

With there being so many people out there that understand how difficult telemarketing really is sometimes it’s hard to even fathom how any one would believe that appointment setting could magically find a prince on every booked meeting.

On one hand telemarketing isn’t dead but on the other it can’t deliver uncanny results either!  The important thing to do, if you’re considering outsourcing IT telemarketing, is to set realistic expectations.

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.