How To Be A Super MSP Salesman That Makes Millions!

istock_000017602000xsmall1Have you ever been in a sales situation when you needed to dump your alternative identity and transition into a Super Salesman to close a deal but you had lost your special sales powers?

In other words you ran into a phone booth to make a quick change but when you ripped open your shirt there was no “S” on your chest!

Take heart this is fairly common as most MSP’s will readily admit they aren’t super salespeople. However we discussed in our last article how the concept of managed services itself could be like kryptonite!

Here are some tips to recharge your IT marketing powers and get you leaping over tall buildings in a single bound and going faster than a speeding bullet!

Go Buy Something Expensive

If the early success we discussed in our last article has made you a little lazy and picky about which IT sales leads you’re willing take or if you are just not as hungry as when you started your computer business then go buy something expensive.

This was a recommendation I read recently where a business owner would buy his salespeople an expensive foreign automobile when their sales started plateauing. The theory was that when his sales people started pulling up to their middle class homes in a luxury car then they suddenly started feeling like they needed a bigger home, nicer furniture and better schools for the kids.

In other words when you have all the money you need then you might start slowing down but when you go out and spend money on a new car or home then you have to get back on the ball again. This is how you can get back that hungry look in your eyes. Building up your desire for more money is the first step to rehabilitating you super sales powers.

Clear Your Calendar

When you get a hot lead that’s ready to meet but your schedule is so full that its nearly impossible to find time then you can’t seriously say your still HUNGRY?

If you’re really getting prepared to break some sales records by converting IT lead generation into new clients then you can’t have a calendar full of personal or business activities that’s unrelated to sales.

It’s time to bite the bullet and clear your calendar so you can make selling the top priority. This means that even if you get an appointment notification at the last minute you’re still able to take advantage.

When you have become aggressive about getting new business then you will meet with prospect at virtually any time whether it’s early in the morning, late in the evening or even on the weekends.

Stop Judging Your Sales Leads

We know that Justice is supposed to be blind but of course it seldom is truly blind to how much money a defendant has or how much influence they might have.

However normally no one thinks that sales people should be blind to their IT sales leads. In fact some sales gurus even teach you to prejudge prospect on several criteria. While there might be a few issues that could disqualify a lead like if they don’t even have a server or enough computers to warrant managed services.

However, most of these supposed criteria are just a bunch of hog wash that are based on bogus hunches rather than well research trends. The truth is that the preconceived ideas end up becoming self fulfilling prophecies.

Ultimately when you think an opportunity is a waste of time because they don’t have a ‘budget’ or not enough problems then this affects the way you present and is totally discernible to your prospects. In other worlds it’s written all over your face!

Final Steps

The final step to unleash your super sales powers is to stop any negative talk about your leads! Get excited about every chance you have to pitch your services to any decision maker and make sure you ready to meet with then at any time, event Christmas day!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.