Are You Hungry Enough To Be A Millionaire MSP?

istock_000003226856xsmall2Every managed services provider that starts their business dreams of becoming a millionaire!  However something bizarre seems to happen along the way that kills that dream for the average computer consultant.

Over the years I have observed this trend in some of our clients that still want to grow their computer  business through IT marketing. However, once the campaign started they just didn’t seem to follow through.

Now I believe I have figured out what might be at the heart of this disturbing pattern.

The answers lies at the feet of the very business model itself which seems to be a double-edged sword with both the potential to generate millions or block that from ever happening.

Have You Become Fat, Dumb and Happy?

This was a staggering realization for me and it still might be a paradigm that’s difficult to fathom for many.  How could the very promise of reoccurring revenues from managed services be the obstacle  standing in the way?

Well for many IT guys that get early success by having some good accounts just fall in their laps could end up cursing their early fortune.  There are two main consequences to having IT sales come easy and the first one is that having a few thousand dollars rolling in every single month can make some computer consultants Fat, Dumb and Happy.

You might think that this early success would only made them even hungrier but I have witnessed the exact opposite reaction.

I clearly remember one technology firm that actually sold one of the very first it sales leads that we had provided them in their campaign.  This ended up being the worst thing that could ever happened because they started expecting every single technology sales lead to become an instant sold account, which is impossible!

What’s The Outcome Of Becoming Fat, Dumb and Happy?

When an MSP becomes Fat, Dumb and Happy they just get slow and sluggish and can’t seem to reach out to try and sale any accounts beyond what seems like an easy deal!  Of course this means they pass on so many opportunities that they will never get the millions they dreamed about early on when they first hung out their own IT shingle.

How can you determine if you have become a little to picky when it comes to marketing managed services?  Well it’s good to do a little self examination and ask yourself  how selective your target market has become.  It might be time to make a course correction when the list of industries,  titles and opportunities you have black balled is longer than Santa Claus’s shopping list.

How To Jump Start Your Marketing Battery!

Remember the slogan that Gordon Gecko made famous in the movie Wall Street, “Greed Is Good!”  You have to start gordon-gekkolooking at every opportunity that arises through IT lead generation as a chance to make more money.

It’s ok if you get stood up every once in a while and to present to a few prospects that might end up being a total waste of time.  Ultimately sales and marketing is a numbers game not a fine science with exact formulas.

We never really know who is going to buy until we really pitch them and see if the seeds we have planted grow.

For more specifics on getting out of the slump of being Fat, Dumb and Happy look for the next article in this series!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.