What’s The Missing ‘Piece’ for IT Services Marketing?

puzzle piece coming down into it's placeI think the grandiose goal of many computer business owners is to grow their business to amazing heights so they can push their competitors out of business and establish a near monopoly that spreads all over the country!  Well maybe they don’t all want to get that big, but at least they want to grow through IT marketing so they can make a few million in reoccurring revenue.  Then they can step away from the company and let someone else managed the tedious day-to-day activities and finally enjoy what life has to offer.  The problem is that most of the average computer consultants probably feel they are a million miles away from ever achieving either one of those goals.  The question is what is the final piece of the puzzle that can get these guy’s IT services marketing back on the track to achieve their Dreams?

You Can’t Do Every Thing By Yourself…

Many technology professionals become convinced that if you want something done right you have do do it yourself.  This means that they are trying to juggle everything from doing their own help desk, onsite service calls and marketing.  Of course we all know the saying that if are a, “Jack of all trades,” then you are, ” master of none”.  This means that one of the task are going to suffer in the end.  Of course since sales is not the strong suit of most tech’s then this is usually the one that is going to get ignored.  This is exactly what is keeping most VARS off the path to making the millions they seek!

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

One of the main reason many IT guys don’t delegate the sales and marketing is because they have become deluded into believing that this can only be done by someone that can explain complicate technical jargon.  This couldn’t be any further from the truth because most executives are not technical gurus themselves.  Normally a business looking for IT support is only interested in having the salesman demonstrate that their company has the techs needed to handle their account.  In fact if prospects perceives that you’re the technical person making the sales call then they often conclude your just a one man show.

One of the biggest steps that a computer consultant should make is to find a professional sales person to delegate marketing to.  This way you have a skilled person that is able to focus their time nurturing the IT sales leads.  Then you can make sure you’re not letting any potential sales fall through the cracks.  In a recent blog talk radio show we interviewed Tyler Lawrence from Sling Stone IT who eloquently made this exact same point.  He points out that when he was hired as the VP of Operations then the sales became his primary focus.  This was the last piece in the puzzle for Sling Stone IT’s success, so consider that by hiring or outsourcing sales and marketing to a sales professional might just be the trick to get you back on the path to success.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to get more IT sales.