Can A New PSA Tool Help Sell IT Directors?

istock_000011978723xsmall1Computer consultants that want to grow their businesses through it services marketing face a serious barrier to achieving that goal.  The problem is that the vast majority of the companies in the market have in-house IT departments.

There are still a cadre of services that can profitably be sold to these firms like server management.  However, none of these proposals usually ever see the light of day because these decisions are pocket vetoed by the IT Director.

Most managed services providers view the IT Director as sort of a Svengali character who controls the CFO and stops them from ever thinking about outsourcing because they’re afraid of losing their job.  Therefore the big question is how can you sell in such a hostel environment?

Give IT Directors More Control

The truth is that IT Directors have a good reason to be concerned about letting a computer services provider get a foot hold in thier company.  Most managed services providers may pretend that they are happy just providing data istock_000018313773xsmall2backup or server management but they are really just salivating at the chance to take over the entire network and up their fees!

Because of the IT Manager’s entrenched mindset it’s no wonder that when IT companies are putting together their telemarketing strategy they are mostly adamant that they don’t want any IT appointment setting done with IT Directors.  However, when the cold callers actual make contact with CFO’s or Controllers they are normally just as unshakable in their desire to pass the buck off to the CIO.

Therefore it’s impossible for technology providers to completely avoid marketing  to the IT person entirely, so let just tackle this problem head on with the some sage advice as brilliant as King Solomon decree to cut the baby in half.

Since the in-house computer department is afraid of losing control and eventually getting outsourced then the trick is to give them more control!

Can A PSA Tool Save The Day…?

I just happened to stumble across an add for a new PSA software called Taskfire while I was contemplating this dilemma.  I was intrigued by the hype surrounding this add campaign so I decided to click to watch the webinar and read the case study.  Finally after carefully considering all the material I felt like exclaiming, “EUREKA I’VE GOT IT”!

Taskfire simply gives the IT person an extension to the ticketing software that the managed services providers uses.  This means when alerts happen or employees request service that the Director is notified and allowed to either assign those task to the outsourcing partner or internal resource. Taskfire will allow the internal staff to track the progress of every issue and in short give them the control they so desperately seek, which just might make them feel a little less queasy about outsourcing.

If you’re not already using AutoTask then you just might want to sign up so you can use this new tool to lure in more deals when you have to go through the IT Director.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.