Axcient Has Built A Better Data Backup Mouse Trap!

istock_000001664125xsmall1I have been watching what the disaster recovery industry has been offering in the market place for over 10 years.  I have seen how the industry has evolved from the early days when computer consultants would fasten together their own data backup solutions with duct tape and bailing wire to the point when the first products were offered by IT Vendors through the channel.   For much of this history there has been relatively little technology advancement as many vendors would simply ‘borrow’ their core technology and the only enhancements they would make was to their sales and marketing.  However, this is all about to change as a new disaster recovery juggernaut has entered the fray and has awakened this sleepy industry from it’s doldrums.  Axcient has literally built a better mouse trap and outdone their competitors at every level but how can this impact your IT marketing?

Axcient Backs Up Multiple Platforms

One of the greatest improvements that Axcient has made is to build their technology from the ground up, so that they are not beholden to any other company for their core competency.  This issue has hamstrung many competitors in the market because they didn’t have the freedom to make radical changes and in some cases they have lost the licensing to the kernel software and had to shutdown.  One of the areas where Axcient’s freedom comes in to play is having all their own software developers to design their solutions to work across many platforms like Linux, Macintosh and Windows.  This is something that the competition has be trying unsuccessfully to accomplish for years and it means that without Axcient you will still require a hodgepodge of solutions to backup multiple platforms.

Stop Trying To Sale Hardware

Of course Axcient isn’t just a remote backup program like most other companies out there but they also have an physical on-site piece as well.  This is important because most people only buy what they can ‘see’ and it’s also a faster way to recovery the data when you have a hardware device on-site.  However, with Axcient you can stop trying to sell hardware because their offer includes both the remote backup and on-site hardware for one low monthly flat fee. Finally this removes one of the key obstacles in the sales pr0cess and can allow you to increase IT services marketing without sacrificing quality or security!

No More Agents

There are tons of other improvements that Axcient has made that can immediately translate into helping managed services providers sell more data-backup deals.  Another one we can mention, that will be music to the the ears of IT Directors everywhere, is that their software is agent less.   This is one of those little pesky problems the other data guys have that most IT people hate because they don’t like having agents on their networks!

Finally Axcient makes it easier to help sell new prospect on your IT marketing offer by allowing a 30 day trials of their disaster recovery solution.  Whats of even more importance is simply having a better IT services model across the board because this gives you a leg up on the competition!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help get them more IT sales.