Sales Gunslinger For Hire To Represent MSPs!

istock_000003541968xsmallIn the old west if the local towns people had a problem with rustlers or land barons using Machiavellian tactics to intimidate them, then all they had to do was call in a gunslinger for hire to help vanquish the rapscallions.  Well at least that’s how it worked in the old west that Hollywood portrays in the movies.  Normally none of the local people had any skill at handling a pistol in a gunfight and this is why they had to turn to a hired gun.  This is the same situation that many computer business owners are  faced with when it comes to selling managed services.  They may not have the skills or time to maximize the marketing potential from all their sales leads.  Since most IT providers either can’t find or afford a good local salesperson then is there the equivalent of a hired sales gun?

First let’s further clarify the problem, which is that most computer consultants openly admit that they are not sales people.  Now there are a lot of sales gurus that are offing to help teach IT guys how to improve their marketing skills but many are just not able to put these new ‘tools’ into practice.  Frankly there are a lot of MSP’s that order all kinds of marketing tool kits only to have them gather dust on their shelves.  At this point many computer business owners decide that they will just hire a good sales person to represent them and they will just focus on the tech side of the company.  However, the cold hard reality is that there is a scarce supply qualified salespeople that have a good track record selling managed services.

Even if the perfect salesman fell out of the sky that has a perfect track record of selling IT services the other reality is that most computer services providers wouldn’t be able to afford to pay their high salary.  Normally after an owner bounces around between the two horns of the dilemma of there not being enough qualified sales people and not having enough money to pay a well qualified sales rep, they just decide to keep doing it themselves.  Sometimes they will have the mantra that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself etc…  Or they convince themselves that only a person with lots of technical experience can ever sell IT services.

Well the good news is that MSP Telemarketing is now offering for select clients the equivalent of the hired gun!  We can set all of the appointments you order over a three week period – for one week.  Our marketing director, who has over 10 years experience selling managed services, can fly down and run the initial sales call on your companies behalf.  All the data and information that is collected from these meetings will be turned over and there will be a full debriefing.  The benefit is that you only have to pay for the contracted period of time and you can leverage the experience from an industry leader.  The initial bandwidth for this offering is extremely small so if you have any interest contact us right away.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to get them more IT Sales.