Overcoming The, “If It Aint Broke Don’t Fix It” Objection!

burning computer case isolated on whiteIf you have ever spent any time in your career making cold calls for some product or service then you can probably remember hearing the most common objection to doing any thing new, “If It Ain’t Broke Then Don’t Fix It.”   It seems like this objection comes up even more often when you’re marketing anything new with IT services.  It’s amazing how pervasive this phrase has spread among professional business owners and on the surface it’s seems the logic behind this old saying is pretty air tight.  After All if some product you have or concept is still working then why on earth would you ever spend any time trying to fix it?

However things are not always what they seem and this is very much the case when it comes to dealing with people who are entrenched with this so-called logic.  If this reasoning is invalid then why has it spread so far and wide like a contagion among managers and businesses owners?  Understanding how to overcome this objection could help you dramatically improve your IT services marketing efforts!

The reason for the mass appeal of this slogan should be self evident since never fixing anything translates into not doing any extra work.  This is clearly the path of least resistance that so many lazy managers seem to prefer.  In the case of many business managers this false logic is brandished as a way of getting out of having to take any extra meetings or look at anything new.  Of course this is a very good tacit for Obfuscation any attempt by IT telemarketing agents who might call and try to set an appointment to discuss managed services.  However, does this concept really hold water and is there a way to overcome this to increase IT sales leads?

Many people don’t want to think about replacing anything unless it literally on fire and smoking!  Then it’s clear that something is broken and there is a need to search for a solution to replace it.  However, imagine some service or product that is working flawlessly churning out the expected results then the path of least resistance is to ignore the item that is “not broken”.  This way of thinking is similar to an ostrich sticking it’s head in the sand because it ignores the advances that science and technology are making.  The flaw to this logic is that just because something is not broken doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a better method developed that is more efficient and operates at a lower cost.  There are still some telegraph machines that are still in existence at museums that are still very much in working order along with other antiquated business tools.  Of Course, these tools are no longer in use because of the phone, fax, email and instant messaging have been invented!

So managers should resit the urge to take the easy way out by keeping your options closed…  If you always  keep your proverbial door open to new ideas then you never know when the next big thing might walk through!  If you’re a computer business owner trying to improve IT services marketing then take note of this rebuttal and use it in your campaigns when you run into this objection. 


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to get them more IT sales.