How To Close On Prospects With A Bad Bedside Manner!

istock_000016281316xsmall1If you have ever pick up the phone to make some cold calls for your computer business then you have probably made contact with tons of people that were rude.   They will hang up on you or try to rush you through your presentation by saying, “Get to the point”.  Sometimes you might think that these people just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Many conclude that there are some people that you just can’t sale and so the goals is to just keep calling until you reach someone that is in a good mood.  However, is it possible to transform someone that seems to have a bad bedside manner magically into a Pollyanna that is positive and chipper?  If this is possible then it would mean that you could make far less calls and get more IT sales leads.

First You Have To Mimic

When you make contact through your IT services marketing with someone that is grumpy then the first thing you should do is begin mimicking there negative mood.  The way to do this is by lowing your tone of voice so that you literally sound ‘low’.  Then you can make some sort of sympathetic comment that reveals that you wish it was Friday already or that you wish you could turn the clocks forward so it would be 5:00 O ‘ clock.  Now you have redirected them to a positive thought by helping them visualize Friday or getting off work.

Next You Should Compliment

After you have shadowed their mood a little while you need to begin the transformation process.  To do this you have to realize that everybody has both the devil and the angel inside of them.  Therefore the way you handle the prospect will determine whether you end up getting the grumpy naysayer or the positive open minded person on your IT sales leads.  One of the key elements that you can employ to ensure that you bring out the Pollyanna in your prospect is to sincerely compliment them.  If you hear that they have a quality voice or use an interesting word then you can compliment that.  The important thing is to stay focused while you’re making cold calls so you can listen for something to compliment.

Make Them Laugh

Finally the secret weapon is a sure fire way to turn a seemingly demonic prospect into a better angel.  The fundamental way to transform prospects that are giving you a hard time is to simply make them laugh.  Now you don’t have to be a stand up comic, but you do need to say something wacky that takes your prospect by surprise enough to turn them around.  The best medicine is always laughter, while it even has some medical benefits  it always has an impact on IT marketing.  A good example was when one of our agents was trying to close a tough prospect who basically had stonewalled him by blocking any time that a meeting could take place.  After she ridiculously said she didn’t even eat lunch our agent made the statement that he was going to make sure she took lunch.  The result was that the prospect couldn’t stop laughing as he successfully set up a face-to-face IT sales meeting on her lunch break!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.