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Have You Crashed Planes While Learning IT Services Marketing?

istock_000002687702xsmall2Crashing airplanes in the process of learning to fly would be a very dangerous and costly proposition.  In fact, real planes are so expensive  that most people would never even attempt to fly one without quite a bit of class room training along with spending plenty of time in the air with an experienced pilot.  Not only does this just make particle sense it is also a legal requirement before a pilot can get a license to fly.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a similar requirement for managed services providers to get certified by a marketing expert before risking precious capital and time trying to learn IT services marketing on their own.


They say true wisdom means knowing your limitations and seeking out consul from many experienced advisers before any big undertaking.  The difference this can make is instead of having to test flight many ideas and watch them crash and burn many times over you can tap a guru who has already gone through that process.  Normally they have already crashed junk yards full of bad ideas and learned many valuable lessons that they can pass on to you.  Instead of learning from the school of hard knocks you can avoid the learning scares and be more profitable much sooner than if you just struck out on your own.

The only problem with all this sage advice is the conundrum of knowing just who you should seek out to help avoid these painful learning curves.  There are plenty of people out their claiming to be the computer business guru that can help you streamline sales and marketing processes.  I would like to shine the light on a company that we have recently partnered with that I believe might have the magic sauce!  We will be interviewing Mark Woldman from MSP Sales Pro this Thursday at 2:00 Central on MSP Telemarketing’s Blog Talk Radio Show.

Mark has over 10,000 hours of selling for MSP’s and training them so you can rely on him to help you prevent burning IT sales leads and crash landing marketing campaigns.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to get them more IT sales.