Computer Business Owners Face A Marketing Decision!

istock_000012551980xsmall1There is a Fork in there road for many computer consultants that are in the process of marketing their business.  There are really two basic ways of packaging your services and offering them to the public, but they are both extremely different from one another.  The first concept is to have more of a boutique computer company that only plans on having a very few select customers and therefore charges the highest price possible.  The other style is to try to reach the mass market by signing up as many clients as humanly possible.  The problem arises when a technology firm is trying to reach the mass market but doing so with the highest price possible.  The two methods can’t be more incompatible and therefore not realizing the difference can destroy your chances of successful IT marketing.

Why Is The Approach Different?

Normally when a vendor doesn’t really want a client or the work that will be needed to get the client up and running is thought to be a hassles they give them a quote that is High.  This way they discourage the client from signing up or if they are really desperate they will fork over the higher price.  This really illustrates how important the price that you peg your managed services offering at can be to your success.  In the case of the boutique consultant, they can get away with a much higher prices because they are specialized and are targeting certain kinds of clients that hopefully will see the benefit of working with a smaller group that will cater to their needs.  However, if your trying to sell to the masses this logic doesn’t apply!

The majority of businesses already have some form of IT support in place and are generally content.  If you have launched a ‘campaign’ to try and sell to the masses then you will be trying to lure just about any business away from their current computer provider.  This means that you will have to offer an overwhelming value that includes having a great price along with some amazing value added services that they are not getting now.  In this economy right now you can’t do this and have the highest price.  This will have the same effect as the IT guy that really didn’t want the business and raised the price to discourage the prospect from signing up.

It’s important that you take a hard look in the mirror and decide if you’re going to try and reach the mass market or be a boutique managed services provider.  Once you have made the decision then act in harmony with that by setting the price accordingly.  In short high prices discourage buyers and suck the momentum out of mass marketing campaigns!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to get them more IT sales.