Is Your IT Services Model Sexy Enough For Marketing?

istock_000015159199xsmall1Is your computer business model sexy enough to convince companies that are happy with their current tech provider to take a second look as you walk by?  Would they blow some wolf whistles as you walked by and think about cheating on their current consultant?  Since companies are not wedded to their IT provider then there would be nothing immodest about having a sexier model and flaunting it all over town.  However, one managed services provider recently told me flat out that his service deliver model was anything but sexy and seemed to be proud of that fact.  In fact it almost seemed that he was offended that I might even suggest the importance of trying to dress up his model to attract more prospect.

If you have a drab and dreary old technology model then do you think there would be anything wrong with improving it and would there been any possible benefit to taking the effort to research lots of new MSP vendors and evaluate what services may enhance your current offerings?

Well if you just think about the reality of seeing a beautiful person walking by whether your a man or a woman, many times you might take a second look even though you are married.  With that thought in mind then think about the relationship between the average business and their computer consultant.  Would an IT model that has more bells and whistles with an amazing value proposition cause them to think about switching even for a minute.  You bet it would we have seen companies that claimed to be completely happy make a switch even after just a few weeks when presented with an overwhelming better SLA and value that we could call ‘sexy’.

When you consider how difficult it is to grow your client base and increase your monthly income then why not try anything to help attack new business?  Really playing this game is like taking candy away from a baby because so much of the competition refuses to doing thing expect try to put lipstick on their pig of a model.  When you can show up on your IT marketing calls with a really better level of services and overall value then it will be easy to get more prospect to switch.  Remember how crucial it is to to dress up your managed services model with faster help desk, better RMM tools, state-of-the-art disaster recovery.  Consider taking the extra time to attend trade shows and review other vendors to make sure you’re staying ahead of the competition.

Once you taking all the time to make the needed improvement then don’t be bashful about making sure everybody in town knows about it by doing some IT lead generation with a cold calling campaign.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.