Interview Frank Gurnee Of EQUUS: Competition For HAAS Heats Up!

istock_000006191773xsmallGenerally competition is something that is good in the market place, especially for consumers.  However, it also helps IT marketing Vendors to constantly improve their products and services as well as stay vigilant looking for ways to lower cost.  Recently, an  innovation in the managed services domain created a new market segment called, Hardware-As-A-Service.  This new upstart concept has gained momentum but it was lacking a critical element that has kept it from reaching it’s full peak potential.  The main ingredient that was missing was competitive market forces!  We are happy to announce that this has changed with the entrance of EQUUS in the HAAS market.  We are interviewing Frank Gurnee of EQUUS today at 2:00pm central to discuss how their entrance will change the game for the better!  Click here to listen to this Interview Today!

The reason I am so excited to hear from Frank and how they may have improved the HaaS model is because the concept is so important to the changing technology market place and using your model to drive marketing!  Most companies are happy with their current computer support and this stops most managed services providers short from growing their client base.  This is because they are only targeting IT sales leads that have a need or pain point right now.  However the largest growth potential can come instead from offering a business that is happy with what they have a better model i.e. better value that will entice them to want switch service providers.  One of the best model improvements that has come along in last few years is the Hardware as a Service concept.

The only problem was that the very first roll out of this model has some flaws and while many computer business providers adopted it most objected or failed to successfully promote it.  Of course one of those major flaws was the high prices what were asked on a monthly biases to provide all the hardware as a service.  Many companies couldn’t get over this cost factor and it kept them out of this market and stopped them from improving their service model.  We believe that EQUUS has helped smooth out some of these rough areas and really improved the model to the point that many that have said NO to HAAS in the past will now say, YES!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help get them more IT sales.