Are You Putting Up RoadBlocks In The IT Sales Process?

istock_000002358327xsmall1We have all probably heard of the term of being your own worst enemy which means that while you believe  you are putting all your energy working towards a certain goal, you are actually doing certain things that are sabotaging your IT sales process.  This condition is a reality and it would be terrible if you discovered that this was happening with your IT marketing efforts.  However, I have seen that many computer consultants are in fact putting up their own road blocks in their sales efforts.  In other words they are taking steps in their marketing that they believe will help them win new clients but they are actually having the opposite effect.  They are really running off their prospect at the point of a gun barrel!

That might sound funny but the question that every computer services provider should ask is, “Am I doing anything that might actually be hurting my chances of selling managed services?”  Of course to answer that question we would have to know exactly what you’re doing that is having these damaging effects on your sales process.  I have identified at least 4 bad policies that are hurting your it services marketing success.  The first obstacle that many technology providers and putting up in their way is sticking with the concept of hitting up their prospects with huge remediation fees.  In essence they are telling their prospect that they must upgrade their entire IT infrastructure and spend any where for $10,000 to $30,000 up front before they will even consider taking them on as a client.  Now this can’t be considered as anything but a big giant road block stopping you from getting that sales.

Now there are a lot of MSPs out there that might object to me calling this practice a road block, as they feel this is necessary to make sure they don’t get stuck with a massive headache of a client that will end up costing them more on support then they will ever get back on their monthly service fees.  Of course, we have help some of our clients win these exact prospects when some other consultant was demanding huge remediation fees upfront.  In those cases the winning strategy was breaking up the changes in stages over 2 or 3 quarters so that the prospect didn’t have to take such a huge hit with an unexpected upfront fee.  Of course you can now bundle all the hardware in the flat monthly fee with HAAS by using a company like EQUUS!

The bottom line is that you will be wasting you money on any IT lead generation if you don’t remove any obstacles that you have in you sales process like charging huge upfront remediation fees.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help get them more IT sales.