Should You Develop Pain Points On An IT Marketing Call?

istock_000016272867xsmall2Recently I was asked by a computer consultant  if we made any attempt to develop pain points on our outbound cold calls to end users.  The question seemed so strange that it took me a while to process and come up with a logical answer.  This question arose after we discussed the fact that most businesses are happy with what they have when it comes to computer support.  As a result we assume in our call scripts that our prospects are happy with what they have, before they have a chance to object and instead we have stated something they can agree with.  So I had to try and think about what might happen if we dropped that approach and instead start trying to develop some pain points on our IT marketing calls.  This would mean asking all the C-level decision makers if they have any problems with their current provider.  The question that we are raising is what would the effect be on the average contact if we took that approach?  Would we find more IT services appointments with prospects that had actually pain or problems or could it have the complete opposite effect that was intended and cause us to end with far less marketing leads?

First let’s address what would most certainly happen if we dropped our current soft approach and instead started assuming that prospects had pain and tried to develop that to get our technology sales leads.  I think we might get the same reaction if we asked someone, “Are You Still Beating Your Wife?”.  Since most people are happy with what they have the immediate reaction would be that they are offended just like the picture above shows.  Why would the average business person become offended if you assumed they had problems with their current tech support?

Put quite simply ‘pride’ is still very much alive and well in our society!  One colleague described it this way,  that a millionaire and a bum can both exhibit pride even though one has no reason.  Humans can become prideful over anything that they have had a personal hand in achieving.  If someone has hung up a masterpiece, they might stand back and admire, not the masterpiece, but rather how wonderfully they have hung the painting.  Now if we understand this point very clearly then we can assume that if the business contact we are speaking with was involved in any way with setting up their IT provider, that they have taken pride in that.

In fact even when someone is aware they have made a bad decision often when challenged they may defend it out of pride so that they always look good.  This is where we get back to our approach with assuming positive things about a prospects current tech support.  Our IT services marketing approach is not abrasive and will not offend the prospect in the way that assuming they have pain would.  Now here is the interesting fact about this tactic, many of the people that have some level of pain would be more likely to admit that with self disclosure under our approach even though we never asked!  Therefore we don’t have to develop pain and can still harvest these leads in our IT marketing dragnet.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help them get more IT sales.