Should MSPs Practice Their Sales Presentations?

Tennis BallAthletes that have a burning desire to win normally practice every part of their game until they have mastered each skill. One example is a tennis pro that wants to have the best serve in the world so he get  tons of tennis balls and serves them over and over again until the entire tennis court is littered with tennis balls.  Most of us would never think that any athlete would never practice for an important game and just take the match casually instead of seriously.  Is this the type of attitude that a computer business salesman should have and is there a need for them to practice their marketing as much as an athlete preparing for the Olympics.  Does the IT marketing agents have a learning curve that would require practice?

One of the concerns that many computer consultants have when they are considering outsourcing their inside sales is that the agents will have a learning curve on their dime.  Of course, if you’re dealing with a generic firm then this will be a big concern.  However, telemarketing reps are not the only ones that might have a learning curve.  The reality is that while trying to persuade a decision maker to set an appointment  to just ‘talk’ about switching managed services providers might be difficult it’s really easy compared to being the sales rep that has to actually try and convince them to make the switch.  There are many facets to trying to sell IT support on a flat fee to someone that is still doing it on a break-fix plan.  Each technique needs to be presented to the prospect in a skillful and polished manner.  Unless your IT salesman is a master with years of experience they will probably need to start practicing just like an athlete would.

Of course this process is going to take time and require a lot of training, rehearsing along with presenting to actual prospects.  This is what I would call a learning curve and most technology sales people are some where on this learning curve right now.  The reality is that the fewer meetings your able to have each month to have a chance to go through your entire presentation in front of a live prospect will limit your improvement and growth.  As you get more IT sales leads each month and are able to practice your sales pitch  in front of more prospects then you will begin to see improvement.  However, there will still be a need to prepare and study and practice!  One good suggestion is to record your presentation and play it back so you can hear how it sounds.  What ever you do, try to avoid going into sales meeting half cock and unprepared!

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help get more IT sales.