Interview With MSP Sales & Marketing Guru Daniel Matalon!

555997_12036983I was excited to hear from a new IT sales & marketing guru that specializes with managed services providers to help them increase revenue and profits.  I meet Daniel Matalon on Linked-in and was impressed with his experience in the IT industry that lead him to his current position.

The training that he offiers for computer business owners ranges from designing your IT model, technology planning, e marketing strategy, branding strategy, customer service engineering.  In fact he can even help with Cash Flow, Franchising and Licensing!

If you’re looking to improve your managed services processes in any of these areas then tune into our show to find out more about Daniel’s experience and what solutions he offers.  Listen to our Blog Talk Radio Show at 1:00PM western/2:00PM mountain/3:00PM Central/ 4:00PM Eastern and click here to start the player!