How IT Telemarketing Is Like An Engine!

The powerful engineSuccesful cold calling is like trying to drive an engine.  There are several key ingredients that you need to get an engine operating correctly so that it will drive you to your destination.  Of course, you have to have a working engine with all the pistons and moving parts in sync.  However, before that working engine will go anywhere it must be fueled up with gas.  Finally, once you have fueled up your working engine, then you will need one more key component to make sure you can make it all the way to your goal without having the engine seize up.  The last thing you must have is a properly lubricated engine with plenty of oil.  I will describe how these three components compare to the telemarketing process as you try to get more IT sales leads for your managed services business.

The most important element is having an engine in good working order with everything in sync and we compare this in the telemarketing process to the effective use of the script and rebuttals.  If a marketing agent doesn’t have good understanding of the core message they need to convey to prospects and the ability to overcome objections with the correct rebuttals is very much like having an engine that is tuned correctly.  If you’re trying to reach your IT services marketing goals with an in-house telemarketing staff then this is a very crucial element.  This is because you need to have all the right things to say to a prospect to elicit the desired responses worked out in advance.  Just like developing a finely tuned engine takes lots of research and engineering before it ever rolls off the factory line.

The second factor that could help you have success with an inside IT lead generation team would be to make sure that you have them fully fueled up.  The gas that we are alluding to is the number of calls that your representatives make in a day or per hour.  This is very much like the gas that powers an engine because if you either don’t have any gas or run out of gas then you will be stranded on the road to success.  If you have a telesales rep that doesn’t make very many calls in a day then the chances of them reaching a prospect that will set an appointment is dismal.  Marketing is mainly a numbers game and if you don’t have many numbers then you will lose the game.

Finally, the last ingredient that you must have to reach your goals with any engine is to make sure it’s properly lubricated with the right amount of oil.  Much in the same way your marketing reps need to make sure that their outbound calls are properly lubricated because the process of persuading a decision maker into setting a face-to-face meeting entails a lot of friction.  The right amount of compliments and rapport need to be used on every phone call to make sure that you can entice more prospects into agreement to look at your current managed services offerings.

In conclusion, if you wish to have a successful inside sales department dialing for dollars, then make sure that their pitching is like a well tuned engine and that they have plenty of marketing fuel to reach the numbers needed to make contact.  Most importantly make sure that they use plenty of lubrication or compliments and rapport to grease the wheels of industry and ensure they are able to persuade the most amount of decision makers to consider your computer services marketing.

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and var marketing to help get more IT sales.