Prepare For Success, As If You Already Have It!

Happy woman holding her pregnant belly against whiteThe pregnant woman in the Success picture has no doubts that her baby is going to come and therefore she is planning for that eventuality.  Now you might be thinking that there is clear evidence that the baby is coming [ i.e. the swollen belly] and therefore it doesn’t take much faith to go out and plan accordingly by buying all the necessary things.  However, we are saying that computer business owners should have that same faith as if there were clear evidence of their coming success and plan IT marketing accordingly.  After all isn’t it a common cliche that says we either plan for success or plan for failure?

Now to be clear we are not talking about making common sense plans to attain new technology clients, but rather making plans for what you will do when you have those new customers.  How could planing for success possibly make a difference in whether you actually succeed in generating new managed services contracts?  What type of planning are we actually advocating that you adopt in your sales repertoire.

First I wanted to discuss some of the practical steps you could take to anticipate the sales your going to make with your IT services marketing.  One of the biggest things I recommend is having a demo BDR unit on hand when you’re planning on making a push to sell backup and disaster recovery solutions.  In other words, don’t wait until after you have someone that indicates they are ready to buy a disaster recovery plan from you to order a unit.  This is a skeptical attitude where you’re actually doubting that you will make a sale and saying to your self, “I believe it when I see it”.  What we are talking about is putting full confidence in your IT lead generation process and telling yourself that you’re so confident you going to sale a BDR unit you want to have one ready to install.

Now this is not the only example of having this attitude but it was a good one to discuss.  So the question is what difference could taking these steps and having that attitude have or impact on your IT sales leads?  I strongly believe that when you’re that convinced your going to make a sale that you have taken action to prepare for it in advance that it changes everything about your demeanor, facial expression and body languages.  As we know much of communication and sales is non verbal so the positive non verbal messages you would be sending this prospect would be off the chart in a positive way.  Furthermore we know that confidence is the most alluring and influential quality that a sales person can possess and exhibit.

I can personally relate that a goal I had long pursued and never attain was finally realized when I visualized the success and take steps to prepare for that coming success.  I can say that I achieved those goals immediately after taking those steps and the realization of those goal wildly exceeded my imagination.  I can only say that when looking back at all my failed attempts, that really those were only half hearted attempts because I hadn’t really prepared to receive what I was seeking.  So I recommend that you use your imagination when it comes to visualizing and physically preparing for the success you seek with your computer services marketing!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.