IT Telemarketing Sucess Is Largely A Numbers Game!

istock_000013562653xsmall21One of the first mantras I every heard when I got into IT telemarketing was, “Marketing is a numbers game”.  This is the simple idea that if you dial enough people that you will find someone that is willing to buy or agree to set an appointment.  This concept is often applied to the number of agents making out-bond calls, meaning the more people calling the greater you’re overall success will be.  Of course there is great wisdom in those words but does success depend solely on the numbers game principal?  In other words, if  a computer business owner just has a large number of agents pounding the phone and contacting a large number people each day then would their success be guaranteed?

Yes the numbers game principal is true and I learned that if you call enough people, no matter what your offering, you can find someone willing to go for it.  This reasoning has lead many computer consultants to believe that they need to outsource their telemarketing to a large call center.  However, the the quality of the presentation and the skill at rebuttals along with closing are far more important that just dialing a lot of numbers.  Just relying on the numbers game principal is a good way to get started to build confidence.  However, once you know that you can find someone to go along with setting an appointment here or there by calling enough people then you should gain some skills that will allow you to get even more appointments.

When you start calling 200 or more people a day then you can usually only find 1 or 2 good prospects by relying on the numbers game principal alone.  However, when you add a higher quality pitch and better rebuttals then you should be able to ‘squeeze’ out more appointments from calling the same 200 people a day.  The unfortunate truth is that most telemarketing agents can’t raise the level of their game.  I have seen that in a room of 40 or 50 callers that only 1 or 2 of the workers were able to apply their experience to enable them to increase their efficiency beyond the basic numbers game productivity.  This means that just having a large number of people calling will not net you the greatest number of appointments or the highest quality.

The key is having to most high skilled telemarketing workers as possible sorta like having a small band of Navy Seals that are well trained and heavily armed taking on a larger number of soldiers and defeating them.  Finding these Super Stars takes a long time and it might be easier just to find some outsourcing company that has already gathered them into a well trained team that is ready to go into action for your it services marketing goals.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.