How Can You Guarantee That You’ll See A Home Run Hit?

istock_000006385915xsmall1I have been to a few baseball games and seen several games on TV but the only time I have ever seen a home run hit was in the highlights on Sports News.  However, just the other day I happen to be watching a game at my health club and was amazed that I saw a home run hit live for the very first time.  After watching the home run hit and the player run around the bases I started wondering why that was the first time I every saw one live?  This is when I realized that in reality I wasn’t a serious fan and never watched that many games on TV nor attended that many games consecutively.  This means I was just hit and miss with watching baseball games so my chances for seeing a live hit were very low.  Suddenly the connection to the IT business and marketing hit me as I had a Ah Ha moment, when I realized that if you want to get a home run hit with your computer business marketing then you have to go to all the games!

What do I mean by saying that a computer consultant needs to go to every game to make sure they get a home run hit with their marketing?  Well, first let me explain what a home run hit means in terms of sales.  A home run hit means you land a whale of a client from your IT sales leads.  In other words not just a client that has 10 or 20 computers but rather you get a contract for a client that has 80 or 100 users on their network.  This is exactly what a lot of technology providers are expecting to get from their IT lead generation campaigns, but many times they are just hit-and-miss with their sales leads campaigns.  So they are just like me when it comes to their chances of seeing a home run hit, because I was only rarely watching a few baseball games here or there.

Therefore consistency is the key if you want to increase your chances of landing a home run of a IT services marketing client.  This means that if you put faith in your marketing efforts and make sure you don’t ever let up and allow a lapse in your IT lead generation efforts.  In you can keep your marketing going month after month, then you will dramatically increase your chances of not only getting a good ROI but landing that Whale of a sale that could make your entire year.  Happy hunting and good marketing!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.