Don’t Just Kick The IT Marketing ‘Can’ Down The Road!

istock_000009545626xsmallOur biggest competition by far for getting computer business owners to start a telemarketing campaign with us is not another marketing company or even companies deciding to bring telemarketing in-house.  Actually our biggest obstacle is the inclination most computer consultants have to just kick the IT marketing decision ‘can’ down the road.  In other words, they just procrastinate the decision because they can’t make a decision.   I have called one company back several times thinking we had lost their account to another firm only to discover that no decision had been made and there was no sign of one being made in the near future.  We had offered cased studies, references and even allowed them to listen in live to our cold calling agents, yet none of this was enough evidence to allow this MSP to have confidence to move forward.  I actually had one technology firm declare that they had decided not to decide!  What reasons might lie behind this anemic inability that many MSP’s have developed for choosing an it services marketing partner?

One answer to that question came from a recent customer who was able to make a decision to move forward but let me in on the reason for his apprehension.  He told me that because of all the negative information on the boards about how telemarketing doesn’t really work, discouraged him.  I believe that because so many managed services providers have had a bad experience with IT lead generation they are poisoning the well for everyone else.  Now just because they picked the wrong telemarketing company or poorly implemented their sales on the leads they received doesn’t mean that you are going to make the same mistakes.  I think it would be far more helpful if MSP would try to analyze where they went wrong in picking the wrong company or even what mistakes they might have made that contributed to the failed campaign.

I think the other reason for the hesitation to make a decision on outsourcing technology sales leads is because they want to really take all the risk out of their marketing.  Many computer services providers today are looking for a 100% guarantee that they will make crazy sales from their investment.  Of course, the growing need for wanted to eliminate all the risk from doing an IT telemarketing campaign stems from all the bad press and the shady organizations out there.  However, I want to remind everyone out there that being an entrepreneur means taking risk!  When you try to eliminate the risk then that means the potential reward will dwindle. Think of the returns your promised from buying the safe US Bond, it’s just a pittance.  However, the more risky the investment then the returns skyrocket…

The key to making a sound decision when it comes to picking the right outsourcing partner is to do your due diligence by calling references [many IT guys are just skipping this step] etc…  Do everything you can to mitigate your risk but in the end there is far more risk from in-action!  Wasting months agonizing over the decision means that you’re pushing out your sales cycle further and further.  So choose but choose wisely!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.