Always Advertise Something Special Not Normal!

istock_000014466931xsmall1I remember when I was very young and my father was planning on sending mail-outs to advertise his HVAC Business. I had gone along with him to the office of the Advertising Agent when he was considering what to put on his mail-outs. He had decided to just list that he offered HVAC Services in certain areas and to list his contact information. I spoke up and told him that if he was going to advertise that he needed something special to lure people to call. I have to quickly mention that a good example of great advertisement for great services is companies like the Boulden Brothers (for Furnace Replacement) but also for a variety of other services under the HVAC umbrella. It’s a perfect ideal of advertisement to get you the customers you need and want. Sometimes, customers may need specific services only at certain locations. Therefore, the firm could use phrases like air duct cleaning in mckinney tx, or similar ones in their ads. By doing so, customers may gain an understanding of what to expect from them. Also, there are techniques to capture your customers – I mentioned to my father that offering a discount “coupon” on the mail-out so people would save it for when they needed some repairs, and I know some companies, like One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, have a catchy slogan which always helps you stick out in people’s minds. He ended up not taking my advice [big surprise] and getting 0% ROI from his mail-out campaign. Later, he tried it again but this time he made sure to offer some special discount. This time he drove 10 calls to his office and got 3 services request and landed one long-term customer. How can this principle impact IT marketing when you’re trying to get new customers?

The point I am trying to make is that just telling people, “hey where here when you need us” isn’t going to spur interest and help drives sales. Therefore it’s incumbent on the IT services marketing planner to take a look at what they are offering in their service model and pricing and see if they are able to offer some special price or throw something extra in the deal for a certain period of time. One idea that has worked pretty good for us was throwing in an extra IT Sales Lead if a managed services provider signs up by a certain time period.

Some other good ideas for computer consultants to consider range from offering a free month of support if they sign within a certain time frame. You could also offer to throw in a value added service that would normally be an upgrade like the back up and disaster recovery solution. Of course, you don’t want to give away something that cost a fortune so if you’re going to consider throwing in data backup then take a look at symform. They have an amazing offer with a flat rate and no cost to store data, plus they can go virtual from the cloud! The best thing is that it’s the cheapest solutions on the market and you can easily afford to absorb this cost into your fees. This way you have something great to give away as an incentive to buy and ensure that your advertising something special and not normal.

John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.