Why Should MSPs Keep Their Door Open To IT Vendors?

istock_000013896856xsmall2It occurred to me the other day that every business for the most part has their door open for new opportunities but has closed the door for new IT marketing vendors.  I started meditating on this and thought about what would happen if this became a chain reaction through all the markets from the manufactures, wholesalers and retailers.  If every marketing department found that the doors for selling to all potential customers had been closed permanently, then this would reverberate through and suddenly nothing would every be sold again.  In fact the other day a computer business owner told me he paid someone to make sure no vendors every got through to him; but yet he wanted to make sure we could  force the doors open to other companies for IT marketing.  However, why might tech providers want to keep their doors open to new vendors and how might this impact IT services marketing?

Don’t Forget Reciprocity In Your IT Marketing Strategy!

Of course most of us all remember reciprocity in our direct actions when we come into situation where someone has done  a favor for us we usually return the favor.  Sometimes many reading this actually take the first step in kindness and pay it forward.  However, when one situation is completely removed from the other, most of us don’t see any connections and therefore reciprocity gets dropped.  Now some of you think I am going to start talking about Karma as being the hidden force that connects the unconnected situations.  However, I am not a believer in Karma but rather I believe that there is a connection and that is ourselves.

We are connected to both situations and therefore there might be negative factors involved in hypocrisy in unrelated circumstances.  Now I don’t intend to explain how that might actually work but I believe that since we know that we treated one situation perhaps in an unbalanced way that this could affect us in some unknown way.  Have you every heard of being your own worst enemy, in other words you’re working against your own goals in some way.  Perhaps we might actually say or do something when we are trying sell and break down doors with IT lead generation at some other company that works against our efforts; because we subconsciously know we have acted hypocritically in the same situation when the tables were turned.

Whether this theory is correct or there is really unseen Karma at work, why not try to act the way we expect to be treated?  If you are out there using every avenue available to get IT sales leads including IT telemarketing then perhaps you could act in harmony with your actions and open your door to others vendors that might be trying to sell you something.  Perhaps you might be surprised to find greater success selling manged services once you have opened your doors to other marketing efforts.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.