How Can You Reach Critical Mass With IT Services Marketing?

Businessman jugglingHow do you know what would be enough IT marketing to finally get enough computer business customers to reach your financial goals.  How many types of marketing avenues should you be involved with and how long should you continue those campaigns to get success?  In essence we are asking what would you have to do to finally reach critical mass with your business.  This is the point where you suddenly find that everything is working where you’re getting a return on all the effort you have put into your company.  This would be the point in the illustration where running a business is like pushing a car until you can get the car going fast enough so you can jump in and allow the car to drive you.

What do you have to do to reach this Holy Grail for business success?  Well in short you have to do everything right all at the same time.  It just like juggling, you need to be able to get each ball up in the air at the same time and then be able to keep the momentum going and not drop any balls.  The balls represents each principal or objective you need to obtain to reach your IT services marketing goals.

You Have To Do Everything Right All At The Same Time To Reach Critical Mass With Your Business!

There are several common mistakes that many computer consultants make that keep them from every reaching this nirvana that we described above.  One of the first mistakes that is made is that of omission, when they decide to focus on just one or two marketing avenues instead of trying to master every single marketing vehicle possible.  Many try one type of marketing service and don’t find any success quickly and so they give up on it and move to the next concept.  However, I have found that some managed services providers have mastered at least one of all the marketing techniques available.  Most have  have found at lease some success generating IT sales leads with word-of-mouth but out of fear have never venture from this safe technique.

Once you master every single type of marketing available like networking, trade shows, referrals, telemarketing, email, PPC, Organic Internet, post card mail outs and more then the next most common mistake is giving up before you are able to realize the success they were working towards.  This reminds of the story in, “Think And Grow Rich” when the entrepreneurs literally walked away from a gold mine because they gave up only a few feet from reaching their goal.  Trying out one of these and then giving up means that you didn’t get the right advice or consultant that could show you how that type of marketing should be done correctly.  A good example would be deciding to write your own copy on a PPC add and then deciding it doesn’t work, when we can find 100’s of consultant striking gold with Pay Per Click advertising.  The difference is that they got professional help writing their copy or did it 1000’s of times until they figure out the way that works.

Of course we have all heard the cliches of the business phone that starts ringing off the wall the day after a company shuts down.  This is because there are some marketing avenues that simply take time to work and are reinforced with other selling concepts over time.  A good example of this would be trade show marketing where a prospect talks with you at your booth and shows some interest but they don’t call back for sometimes 6 months to 1year.  Now you have made that investment to be at the trade show so are you going give up before you give it enough time to work?  Also did you continue to follow up on that lead past 6 months?  I have found many times that IT services providers have paid for technology sales leads the weren’t quite ready to make a change right away and then gave up their follow up efforts after just a few months.  Six month later they have forgotten about you when they suddenly are ready to make a change and the very next company that contacts them get the sale.

In sum don’t make these mistakes, force yourself to move from the comfort zone with your IT lead generation and master every type of marketing there is and never give up before you give these vehicles enough time to work their magic.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.