Get Off The Merry Go Round Of In-House IT Telemarketing!

istock_000016384914xsmall1We all have some good memories from riding a merry go round at some time in our childhood and perhaps if you have children then you might have an even more recent happy memories ridding one.  Why would anyone want to get off a merry go round?  Well If you’re a computer business owners that has decided to bring IT marketing in-house by hiring cold callers to dial for dollars from your office, then you might want to get off that ride!  The lure of lowering the cost and cutting out the telemarketing company by hiring your own inside sales people can be very tempting but sometimes the hidden cost and lost productive may be eating up any savings you might ‘think’ your getting.  Does this reasoning sound familiar to any computer consultants out there who have brought IT Telemarketing in-house?

The first issue that comes up when you decide to bring telemarketing in-house is the need to recruit that person.  This is very problematic as you need to figure out how you’re going to pay this person along with the recruiting method.  You will have to figure out how to write the copy of your employment adds to attract the right candidate.  Then you will have some trial and error period as you run adds.  The upside would be if you do get a lot responses then you will have to spend some precious time interviewing these prospects.  This entire process can take quite a while before you’re able to hire someone to start making the outbound calls for IT sales leads.  This lost time is a huge opportunity cost that most computer business owners don’t factor into the equation when they evaluate outsourcing their marketing.

The next challenge starts when you actually decide you have a good person that you decide to hire for IT lead generation.  Now you’re going to have to train and coach them and this is going to take a plan along with precious time.  This is time that will be taken away from other things you were doing unless you decide to hire a Manager from you telemarketing.  This will also drive up the cost and wipe out any savings that you thought would materialize.  Of course, telemarketing is notorious for having high turnover so the chances are great that the first person you hire won’t last very long before you are out there running adds and interviewing all over again.  This is the point where this process starts feeling like a merry go round.