CALLING MSPs, Getting More than 10 IT Leads A Month?

Successful business woman with a megaphone on whiteI talk with over 15 to 30 managed services providers each week.  When I ask how many IT leads they get a month the answers I get are all over the map.  For the most part I don’t hear from many tech firms that tell me they get more than 10 ‘qualified’ leads each month.  However, every once in a while I do get some computer consultants that say they get more leads from word-of-mouth or from Internet leads.  This is a fundamental issue as it goes to the very core of deciding how to spend your IT marketing budget to grow your sales.  If a computer consultant can get more than 10 ‘qualified’ leads that have pain and a need then this would be a game changer.  I would love to get a great discussion going on how many technology sales leads each company gets and from what source!

I firmly believe that most businesses are happy with what they have in place when it comes to IT support and are not looking on the Internet or asking for referrals in very large numbers.  So I would love to hear from techs that are getting more that 10 per month in only one local market and not nationwide.

The reason I wanted to raise this issue is because I have believed for a long time that, as I mentioned above, most businesses are happy with what they have to a degree.  To qualify that, I believe that they are not unhappy enough to take action and start looking for a better technology provider.  I also think that because of pride most executives want to project that they have a solid handle on their IT situation and it’s only when they have enough pain to break through their pride and in action that they will finally be willing to call another computer services provider.

This belief was reinforced when I went to San Diego last year and meet with several IT providers that told me exactly how many technology sales leads they were getting from the Internet.  The truth was in great disparity with what Google analytics showed about how many end users were searching for computer support in San Diego.  While the statistics showed 100’s and 1000’s of business searching for better support each month the reality on the ground was that each of these managed services providers were only getting 3 to 4 good solid leads each month.

The reason this question is very important is because is should have a great impact on the direction you take in your IT services marketing.  If there are really only a few business end users that are unhappy with their IT support each month then it will be important for the computer business owner to look for other types of leads to grow their business.  On the other side, if there are tons and tons for unhappy business users then perhaps pouring more money in to Organic marketing and Pay Per Click on the Internet for IT lead generation might be in order.


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.