Who Is Going To Coach Your In-House IT Sales Leads Team?

istock_000000544417xsmall2When a computer business owner has decided to save money on IT sales leads by bringing inside sales in-house, the other big issue that needs to be consider is who’s going to coach and managed the inside marketing agents?  Once you have hired someone to make outbound calls for you then they will need to be coached and managed.  If the correct training is in place then someone in your company will have to coach your telemarketers to success.  Some important questions you might want to ask before moving forward would be, who is going to be the coach and what type of coaching will be required.  More importantly before you decide to in-source IT services marketing take a minute to consider what sort of time investment will be required.

Sports Professionals Need To Be Coached And So Do Inside IT Sales Leads Teams!

When you’re adding up the cost of outsourcing IT lead generation versus bringing in Telemarketing keep in mind the added cost of  having to coach that employee.  If you could think about this in simple terms and realize that you will need to hire a full time telemarketing manager then suddenly the savings you though would materialize might disappear because real telemarketing managers are not cheap.  You’re going to pay at the very least $2,000 a month plus the loaded head count for benefits etc…  That number is really on the low end of the scale because any really good manager worth their salt is going to want to make over $4000.00 a month.

Therefore if you’re a managed services provider that was considering saving around 2k or 3k by doing the telemarketing in-house then make sure to add the cost of hiring a manager to those numbers as well.  However, most computer consultants out there will say that they can manage the calling agents themselves.  In this case either you will actually spend the time coaching them  and take an opportunity cost hit on the other parts of your business that you needed to manage as well or you won’t actually spend the time and you will take the loss on the lost productivity side with a turn out of pour work performance from your telesales reps.

The most important reason these reps will need to be coached and managed is because no one really likes to make hundreds of calls a day.  Therefore if they are left to their own devices then you won’t get a high enough call volume to market you way out of a wet paper bag.  In addition, the quality of the presentation and rebuttals needs to be monitored because if you happen to have a rep that is on fire making 100’s of calls a day but with a terrible presentation then you won’t get enough leads to justify doing this in-house. Of course the attitude of your reps is something else that will need to be coached, when they have a bad day they will get discouraged and need some motivation.

Make sure to add up the time it will take to manage IT marketing before taking the plunge and bringing that in-house!


John Black is the Marketing Director at MSP Telemarketing and has over 10 years experience marketing for IT providers and VAR marketing to help them get more IT leads that turn into IT sales.